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Falcon's page on wicca, witchcraft, and the occult
about Naxieus


about Naxieus
All I know

hey, time to learn about the webmaster

Hey, Ok time to learn about me. First where i got my weird name i know alot of wiccans have animal names I chose the name Falcon because I feel strongly for the animals and it had more of a better ring i liked it better than Naxieus. Now heres why I haven't first let you know im really serious about this ok, I'm 15 and my parents are cathloic's and I was so the transformation is rough but im sure more than enough people know that.I have read " An Idoits Guide to Wicca and Witchcraft" its a really good book for beginers and all and covers everything. The reson I haven't read more is my parents and well they don't like it , and it scares them and well the wiccan rede says " harm none do what ye will" right well im harming them so I must be secretive. I have done my studies so don't harp on me cause im only 15 I have been studin wiccan sence october 2002, I don't think one day I'm going to turn into willow from Buffy (they totally screwed the wiccan image if you ask me) I just beleive in it thats all. Right now I'm a solitary ,but I hope to one day be in a coven if at all possible but for now i respect my parents a limit my studies (as far as they know)  well thats my peice on me any questions I would love to hear from anyone on any matter especial advice on what to do with my parents.